Personalised Custom Special-Shaped Pet Pillow


Keep the good memory of your pet, also a great gift for pet lovers!

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❤ Are you looking for a funny and unique gift for someone you love? Then you’re in the right place because our custom pet shaped pillows is the perfect gift idea for anyone you love.

❤Custom pillow with pet shape, this is a best-customized gift for kids, friends, family, birthday or wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s day. Create Meaningful Lifelong Memories.

  • Perfect gift for the cat lover or any pet lover
  • Great as a pet memorial personalized gift
  • The pillow can be made for any kind of pet or even a human’s face!
  • Looking for a funny gift for someone? A custom made funny Custom Face pillow made from their photo will make them laugh for sure! You can even have a face pillow made of your pet!


  1. Upload your photos.
  2. Our artists will create your rendering and send it to you for confirmation
  3. You confirm the rendering and then, we will send it for production.
  4. Once production is complete, we will ship the order.


  • The quality of the photo dictates the quality of the pillow. Use the camera or picture icon to upload clear large images to the Etsy conversation we send once an order has been placed. Avoid submitting screenshots and social media images.
  • Photos of your pet sitting upright are best for full body pillows or a curled up position for laying down shapes. Tails must be fluffy or wrapped around the body. Long skinny tails are typically cropped out.
  • For face pillows, a close up of the face is best.
  • Please ensure the photo is more than 1500 px. The clearer the picture, the better the effect will be. Photos of your pet sitting or standing with nothing blocking any part of their body looks best with these pillows.



Single-Sided, Double-Sided


20-29CM, 40-49CM, 50-59CM, 60-69CM


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